T5W 7: Things on your Bookshelf that Aren’t Books

Top Five Things on your Bookshelf that Aren’t Books

Hello lovely readers! This week we’re talking about our top five things on our bookshelves that aren’t books. My shelves don’t have a ton of extra room because they’re hand made and are made so the books fit pretty perfectly on them. But I do have a couple shelves that have things that aren’t books.


My TBR Jar: I bought these plastic jars from Walmart and made them into different jars. One is my TBR jar and I absolutely love it. I also used colored paper to write the books on so it adds just a little something to it. I also have giant silver stickers on the side that say “TBR”. I was really pleased with how it turned out and I enjoy seeing it on my self every day.


My Bookmarks Jar: My shelf would not be complete without my jar of bookmarks. This jar is full of all the bookmarks I’ve gotten, and all the bookmarks I’ve made. It’s getting rather full but I love being able to see my bookmarks and I love that they have their own little place. This helps so that I don’t lose bookmarks too.


A Clock: On top of one of my smaller shelves that was built by my dad years ago, is a small clock that my husband made in high school. It’s made out of a beautiful wood, and it’s just really really beautiful. I enjoy seeing it there. (:


Coffee Filter Flower: For my wedding last year, in an attempt to save money, I made center pieces for the reception instead of paying tons of money on flowers. I made flowers out of coffee filters, and dyed them with food coloring. They ended up just perfect and were really, really pretty. One of the flowers and one of the jars sits on top of that same smaller shelf, next to the clock. Unfortunately, the coloring has faded from being by the window; but it’s still beautiful and a great memento.


Turtle Lamp: And on my other smaller shelf, sits a little multi-colored turtle lamp. My dad bought this lamp for me when I was younger and every time I see it, I think of him. If he were still around today, I think he’d be happy that I’ve kept it this long and that I can think of him every time I see it.


What are your top five favorite things on your bookshelf(s) that aren’t books?


3 thoughts on “T5W 7: Things on your Bookshelf that Aren’t Books”

  1. I have a bookmark jar too! It’s a coffee cup with literary quotes all over, just perfect for my bookmark obsession. Let’s see, what else is on my shelf? I’ve got a Gandalf plushie and LOTR trivial pursuit tokens arranged around my Lord of the Rings books, and alongside my Harry Potters I’ve got a wand, a snitch, Lego Sirius and Remus — I’ve got a lot of bookish knickknacks, lol.


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