T5W 2: Favorite Books of the Year So Far!

My Top Five Favorite Books of the Year so Far

This weeks topic is our top five favorite books of the year so far! I’m really excited about this, because who doesn’t love talking about great books? I also had a really hard time putting these in order, so in a semi-in order form, here are my top five books of the year so far!


Red Queen by Victoria AveyardI really enjoyed this debut novel.  It’s the first book in a new series and I absolutely cannot wait for the next book. Red Queen is set in a world that is separated by the two types of blood. The people with red blood are your average humans. They are the lower, working class. They do all of the work, and do most of the fighting in a major war happening in the world. The people with silver blood have special abilities and are the royalty. They have easy lives and they rule over the nation. Life is very different for these two types of people. Our main character Mare is a thief, and she’s a thief because it’s the only thing she can do to help her family. After some unfortunate, and (kind of) fortunate events we learn that Mare has an ability. Not a spoiler, it’s in the synopsis! (I will have a review for this book sometime in the near future.)


Born Wicked by Jessica SpotswoodThis is a fantastic paranormal historical fiction. It’s the first book in the Cahill Witch Chronicles and has a very Salem witch trials feeling to it. Only not as harsh as those times were. This book is set in the early 1900s and is centered around a world where girls are sent away if they’re believed to be witches (whether they’re sent to an asylum or a prison) even when most of the time they aren’t actually witches. However, our main character Cate is actually a witch; along with her sisters. This book is set in a time when being a woman was hard, and being a witch made things even worse. Cate is stuck trying to decide what is best for her and her sisters all while being expected to decide if she’s going to get married or join the Sisterhood. (I will have a review for this book sometime in the near future.)


Siege and Storm by Leigh BardugoThe Grisha trilogy is an amazing trilogy (or at least the first two books are because as of when I’m writing this, I haven’t read the third book yet)! I’m not going to talk too much about this because it is the second book in the series, but I picked this over Shadow and Bone because I liked it just a fraction more. But they are both fantastic books that I definitely recommend! (My review for this book can be found here.)


How to Love by Katie CotugnoThis book was so great. It soared past the expectations I had for it and was just great. This is a young adult contemporary about a teen pregnancy. I’ve seen plenty of movies on this subject, but haven’t read any books, that I can think of, around the subject. It wasn’t what I expected, which made it that much better. My two favorite things about this book were the character development and the way the story was told. The character’s develop beautifully and the story is told in this before and after format that just made the story flow so well. (My review for this book can be found here.)


A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. MaasThis book was fantastic! This was my first ever Sarah J. Maas read (even though I own all of her books) and I was definitely not disappointed. This is a new adult fantasy novel. It is a Beauty and the Beast retelling that involves faeries. I believe this was also the first book that I’ve read that involved faeries (that I can think of). This book is about a nineteen year old huntress named Feyre. She hates all matter of Fae and after she kills a wolf in the forest, one of the High Fae comes to collect her. A life for a life. Feyre ends up living in the Fae territory, on the estate of the Fae that came to collect her. The plot was everything I wanted it to be, Feyre was amazing, Tamlin was amazing, Lucien was amazing, everything was amazing. (I will have a review for this book in the near future.)


What are your top five favorite books of the year so far?


What are your thoughts?

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