The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu

Publication Date: June 3rd, 2014

Publisher: Roaring Brook Press

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 199 pages

Source: Purchased

Buy It: Amazon | Book Depository

Rating: 4 sm

Everyone knows Alice slept with two guys at one party.

But did you know Alice was sexting Brandon when he crashed his car?

It’s true. Ask ANYBODY.

Rumor has it that Alice Franklin is a slut. It’s written all over the bathroom stall at Healy High for everyone to see. And after star quarterback Brandon Fitzsimmons dies in a car accident, the rumors start to spiral out of control.

In this remarkable debut novel, four Healy High students—the girl who has the infamous party, the car accident survivor, the former best friend, and the boy next door—tell all they know.

But exactly what is the truth about Alice? In the end, there’s only one person to ask: Alice herself.

My first words of wisdom for this review, give this book a chance.

This is a book chalk full of bullying and characters you want to punch in the face. This book is all about stereotypes, it covers an array of them, and does an amazing job of putting them in a completely different light. The characters at a first look may look like your cliche school slut, jock, popular girl, nerd, etc. But they are all a lot deeper than that. Does that somehow negate that they were assholes to Alice? No. Not even a little bit. But in my opinion, it helps the reader put them into a different perspective. It takes each of these stereotypes, lays it all out, and then makes them human. This is a big reason why I would recommend this book to just about anyone.

The way that people act is not excusable, in no way is it okay for someone to go around and make up lie after lie about another person. But when you take those facts and add to it the information you know about a person, it can help you see them in a different light. I want to make it clear that this still (in my opinion) does not negate what this person did. However, it may help you to understand why the person did what they did. In my experiences, that can do wonders for a person when it comes to moving past something. I think this novel does a wonderful job of showing you that you may not know the full story. You do not know what every person is going through, has gone through, or may go through in the future.

I think this would be a wonderful book for teenagers in high school to read. People who are struggling, and even people who are not. I think it could do wonders to help them not only understand that it may not (and more than likely is not) them that is the problem. I also think it could help those who maybe do not think before they speak, before they spread a rumor, or even before they start one. It may help them put into perspective that what they are doing could directly affect someone in a serious way.

*The image and synopsis were both taken from Goodreads. Clicking on the “add to Goodreads” image above will take you to the Goodreads page for this book.*

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