Bout of Books 12: Day One

Bout of Books Day One, Monday, January 5th, 2015

Currently Reading: 

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Completed Books: 

None yet!

Total Pages Read:

146 pages

My Thoughts:

I’m almost done with Shadow and Bone and I really wanted to finish it last night but I had to work today, so I couldn’t. I’m planning on finishing the last bit of it tonight (hopefully). Once I finish with that I will more than likely be picking up Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo. (The Darkling just broke my heart and I must continue to see if that is reversed.) My copy of Ruin and Rising came in, so I could totally marathon the series this week if I want to. However, if I do not pick up Siege and Storm next, I may pick up The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu.

What are you currently reading? And how much have you read for the read-a-thon so far?

*The bout of books image at the top of this post is the official Bout of Books button and was not created by me. You can find said button on their website.*

What are your thoughts?

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