Book Discussions with Caity Reads: Spoilers

Hey guys it’s Caity and it’s time for a book discussion!

I myself have been thinking about spoilers a lot lately. These thoughts have covered a few different aspects of spoilers, ranging from what exactly is a spoiler to how I feel about them. Now, before you become too confused, I do know what a spoiler is. But I also think this is probably very different depending on who the reader is, what book it is, and so on and so forth. My point being that what I consider a spoiler isn’t necessarily a spoiler for other people. A spoiler for me is when I’m told about any certain events that take place in a book. This of course excludes anything that is told in the synopsis of the book (aka the back of the book or the inside flaps). And for the most parts excludes the first let’s say, 50 pages of the book.

For those of you who have watched my booktube videos at the beginning of this year, you will know that I was spoiled for the book Allegiant by Veronica Roth. And for those of you who have read Allegiant you probably know what spoiler I’m talking about. Now, when I was first spoiled for the book I was really angry about it. I am definitely one of those people who doesn’t like to know what happens in a book before I read it. That being said, knowing what happened did not ruin the book for me. There was still so much to the story that I got to learn and experience. And figuring how we got to that point was really very interesting. It did cause me to read the book a little slower, because I was dreading the events that were going to take place, but I still really enjoyed the book.

When I took time to reflect back on being spoiled, I was less angry. Yes, I was still a little upset that I had this spoiler dropped on me when I wasn’t looking for it. Because yes, I am one of those people who has purposefully looked for spoilers before. So I guess my point of view on spoilers are that they’re fine, as long as you are properly warned about them before hand. If you warn your viewers/readers beforehand and they continue to read the post or watch the video then they have no one to blame but themselves. That is why I always post a warning in all caps and in bold, so it’s very visible and so I have given you proper warning.

Another thing I wanted to discuss in this post was avoiding spoilers when reviewing a book. This is something that I’ve had a lot of trouble with in the past. The problem is that I really do not want to spoil a book for anyone. But when I review a book, or talk about a book in general, I want to talk about all the aspects of it. Sometimes it’s really easy to post a review without spoilers, other times it is not.

I always post my reviews without spoilers (unless it’s a book in a series with possible spoilers for the previous book) but sometimes writing “I can’t really tell you what I didn’t like without spoiling the book” isn’t a lot of fun. And it also doesn’t really give you information about why I didn’t like what happened. I have considered doing a spoiler book discussion on books like that before, where it would be clearly marked that there would be spoilers. It’s something that I’m still considering and you could possibly see in the future from me. I may leave that for my youtube channel when I get back into making videos. As you can see, I haven’t decided.

So what about you? What is a spoiler to you? And does being spoiled on certain parts of a book “ruin” the book for you? Why or why not? Please try your best to not post any spoilers in the comment section.


What are your thoughts?

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