Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Reader

Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to do more blog posts along with my reviews, and I think I may just start doing that. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t start earlier. I’ve had a lot going on with wedding plans and what not, but I think a lot of it might just be my laziness kicking in. I’m here to put that to rest. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to talk about today and I’ve decided that I would like to talk about my top ten reasons I love being a reader.

1. I love being a reader because I can experience lives I would otherwise not live. Books give me a chance to experience the lives of so many different characters; and I love it. I can go on adventures, I can fall in love over and over and over again. The good thing about books is, you never know where they’re going to take you. Each book is a new experience, a new life to live, another chance to fall in love. Maybe you fall in love with the characters, or the setting, or the book as a whole. Just giving myself that opportunity makes me a happier person.

2. I love being a reader because it offers an amazing, and healthy way to escape the world. If you’re going through something difficult and you just want to escape to another world, you can do that. No matter what is happening in my life, I can pick up a book and be somewhere else for a little while. It’s something that has always made me feel better when I’m having a rough time.

3. I love being a reader because it can introduce me to so many other people that I would not have otherwise met. This is especially true in this day with social networking sites such as YouTube (booktube more specifically) and Goodreads. You can go online, or even to people in person, and talk about books you love. You can meet people through your mutual love for reading, and I find that amazing.

4. I love being a reader because it influences who I am. You never know when something you read is going to change you for the better. I’ve had it happen on numerous occasions, and every single time, I’m grateful for that book. Reading gives you a wider perspective, it helps you to see things in different ways, and so many other things.

5. I love being a reader because I am never bored. I never have a good excuse for being bored because I can simply pick up a book, and it’s the perfect cure.

6. I love being a reader because books remind me that there’s something more. I think that sometimes it’s hard to remember that there is more to life and to the world than the things that are within a hundred mile radius. I think this is even more true for someone in my position, where I live in a tiny rural town. Sometimes it’s hard to remember how different the world is. Things are never going to be the same in each place that you visit; reading helps to remind me of that.

7. I love being a reader because I get a sense of accomplishment when I finish reading something. It can be an eight hundred page book or a two hundred page book, no matter the size, when I finish reading something I always feel like I’ve accomplished something. And it’s so damn easy too. It’s easy to do something you love, in this case reading, and feel accomplished when you’ve done it.

8. I love being a reader because bookshops and libraries are probably two of the best things on the planet. Seriously though. Bookshops and libraries are always so peaceful and relaxing. Not to mention that they’re full of books.

9. I love being a reader because I’m always learning something knew. Whether it be life lessons, or little random things that I might never have a chance to tell anyone about, I’m always learning from what I learn. But you never know when you might need to know something. The great thing about this one is, I’m not even just talking about fiction. If I want to learn how to make candles, there’s a book for that.

10. And last but definitely not least: I love being a reader because it has always been a part of my life. I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t a reader. My mom is a reader, my dad was a reader, my sister is a reader, and so many other people in my family are readers. My mom read to me when I was younger, and as soon as I could, I was reading on my own. My reading habits may have been vastly different. I may not have read the same things as I do now, I may not have read as much as I do now, but it was always been a part of my life. I always have and always will consider myself a reader.

What are your top reasons for being a reader?


What are your thoughts?

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